Identify Your Curls

Curly hair types are extensive, so discovering what type yours is, is an essential step in figuring out the best service for your locks. Caring for your hair begins with identifying your type of curl, and what it needs.

If your new here, our curl specialists are committed to providing exceptional service that goes beyond just a cut and transformation. When you choose our Curly Cut & Transformation Experience service, you can expect to be educated every step of the way.

Our specialists take the time to understand your unique curl pattern and texture, guiding you through the entire process with personalized tips and recommendations. From teaching you about proper curl care techniques to suggesting the best products for your curls, our experts ensure that you leave our salon not only with a stunning new look but also with the knowledge to maintain and enhance your beautiful curls.

Identify Your Hair Density

Low Density

Often have a visible scalp with an apparent part and overall greater spacing in between hair follicles at the scalp.

Medium Density

Medium density falls in the middle, where the scalp may be somewhat visible but the hair follicles don’t appear sparse. Volume can be achieved in medium density hair with the proper styling techniques.

High Density

High density hair often does not have a visible scalp. The hair can feel heavier and strong hair ties are needed when wearing high density hair up in a ponytail. Volume and fullness within the hair is usually not an issue with high density hair. If you have High Density hair, please book the Curly Cut & Transformation High Density option. If unsure, feel free to send us a photo of your hair at 772-332-3282.

Identify your hair texture

Fine Hair

The difference between fine hair and thin hair is to do with the density of your hair and the thickness of the strands. With fine hair, you have lots of hairs with a small diameter. With thin hair, you can have thick hair strands but fewer of them

Medium Hair

Medium hair is what most people have, and is thicker than fine hair. The individual hairs have the same two hair layers that fine hair has, but may also have the third one – the medulla. Medium hair can keep hairstyles better, looks thicker and is more resistant to breaking.

Course Hair

Coarse hair can be identified by a thick hair shaft. This hair texture has the widest and largest circumference of any other. Unlike thin or medium hair, coarse hair contains all three layers of the hair shaft — cortex, cuticle, and medulla.

What if your hair is Damaged?

Heat Damaged

Heat damage occurs when excessive heat or heated styling tools are used on the hair. This can result in hair that feels and looks dry, thin, rough, brittle, and dull. Those experiencing heat damage may notice an increase in hair breakage, as well as split ends with white bits showing at the ends. Depending on the severity of the heat damage, individuals may not be ready for the Curly Cut & Transformation. For a more accurate assessment, it's advised to reach out to us with some photos of your hair. Our team at Poppin Curls & Beauty Bar is here to guide you through the process and provide personalized recommendations to help restore your hair's health. If you are unsure if you have heat damaged, feel free to send us pictures by text to 772-332-3282.

Color Damaged

At Poppin Curls & Beauty Bar, we understand that frequent coloring or bleaching can have a lasting impact on the natural texture of our hair over time. The regular exposure to chemicals can gradually strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. With each application, the hair's structure weakens, leading to a noticeable change in texture. Elasticity and resilience could be lost, making the hair less resilient. If you have concerns about the health of your hair, we encourage you to reach out to us prior to booking your next appointment. Your hair's well-being is our top priority, and we are here to help restore the health of your hair. If you are unsure if you have color damaged, feel free to send us pictures by text to 772-332-3282.